Karabece + Partner
Wirtschaftsprüfung und
Steuerberatung GmbH



We see ourselves as mediators. On the one hand we deal with complex tax laws that are constantly changing and on the other hand, the entrepreneur who needs to keep up to date with these developments. We translate the complex language of tax for our customers. We share mutual trust, reliability and certainty with our customers resulting in successful tax returns. We take care of you, so you can concentrate on your business.


  • We build and preserve trust.

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    What we do, we do authentically.

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    We share our joy for life with others.

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    We create financial stability.

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    We are aware of our responsibilities.

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    We appreciate and understand the people we encounter in everyday life.



Our knowledge is at your disposal. We share our insights into balance sheets and accounts. We build relationships committed to trust and ensure absolute transparency so that you can be sure that your tax issues are not only seen to but handled in a way that guarantees you the best results.


What we do, we love to do. We have chosen this profession because we’re dedicated to working with numbers. Our team consists of people of diverse nationalities, who are passionate about life and what they do.


We take the load off of our clients so that you can concentrate on your businesses. The fact that our customers rely on us, goes without saying. Trust is the base for a successful cooperation.

Our financial expertise give you peace of mind. We guide companies through the tax labyrinth. So instead of you trying to understand tax laws and regulations, you can focus on your corporate governance.